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At Jo Ann's SWIM and SCUBA School, everything we do is for the love and safety of our students.

From our infant and toddler swim classes to our Scuba Ranger and Scuba Certification classes, we have developed the most innovative, safe and fun program available today. We take the extra time to help you and your families enjoy the experience of a quality swim and dive program!

We believe your aquatic experience should be exciting, memorable and rewarding. Water safety is a priority. We will work with you on water safety techniques and how to prevent accidents all while having fun.

Swimming, snorkeling and Scuba are "lifetime" skills
and fun for "the whole family"!

Jo Ann has been working with adults and children in the water for over thirty years. She is now bringing her program from New England and has now relocated in Palm Harbor, Florida. Come see why Jo Ann's Swim School is "the best" and can meet all your aquatic needs.

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