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Scuba Rangers

Scuba Rangers is for any active kid age 8 to 12. You must have basic swimming skills, be comfortable in the water, and be in good health.

Next, you enroll in a Scuba Ranger Development Program. In the program, you work your way through five basic levels. You'll get cool rewards for each level you complete.

  • Level 1: Red Ranger - Water safety techniques, swimming and snorkeling skills.
  • Level 2: White Ranger - Snorkel review and first time on scuba.
  • Level 3: Blue Ranger - More scuba skills and underwater photography.
  • Level 4: Silver Ranger - More scuba, fun and games.
  • Level 5: Demo Ranger - Demo Ranger is the highlight, because you proudly demonstrate your skills to parents, family and friends.

After Demo Ranger, you get a completion card. You are also eligible to join the Scuba Rangers Club, where the fun really begins. Specialty Scuba Ranger activities are offered every month by Jo Ann.

Rangers are expected to make a commitment to learning the proper diving skills and following safe diving practices - and to having fun!

$199.00 which includes books, video, Ranger shirt, academic course and pool work. Upon successful completion of the program, rangers are elligible to take the Open Water Dive Certification course with Jo Ann.

The Ranger program meets on Saturday afternoons and during the school year.

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