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Special Trips and Events:

  1. Underwater Pumpkin Carving every October
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Scheduled Events:

  1. Every April at Honeymoon Island State Park
    Scuba Ranger Demo at Island Fest
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  2. The First Wednesday of the month at Ocean Sports
    Teen Dive Club Meeting
  3. Offered in the Spring months
    Molasses Wreck Dive
    more info >>
  4. The second Wednesday of each month at Ocean Sports
    Nitrox Diving
    more info >>
  5. Great Drift Diving for certified Divers
    Dive Jupiter
    more info >>
  6. Shore/Beach Diving for fossils
    Shark Tooth Shore Dive
    more info >>
  7. Dive the beautiful local wrecks and reefs
    Family Gulf Dive
    more info >>
  8. Diving at Disney in Perfect conditions
    Dive Quest at Epcot
    more info >>
  9. A chance to find large "Meg" teeth
    Shark Tooth Boat Dive
    more info >>
  10. Get a "Night Dive Specialty" on a Saturday evening
    Weeki Wachee Night Dive
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  11. November through March
    Crystal River Manatee Adventures
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  12. Cruise the Bahamas
    Blackbeard Diving Cruises
  13. Exotic Diving Adventures
    Dive Bonaire/ Dive Hawaii/ Dive Australia
  14. Dive the beautiful Florida Keys
    Dive Tavernier Key and experience paradise

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